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Founded on more than twenty years of communication experience, MANGO COMMUNICATIONS strives to provide strategic communication solutions that break through the noise and engage your employees, leadership team and stakeholders.  

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Strategic Communication Planning and Counsel

No communication strategic plan is too big or small. We work with you to identify the opportunity and create a unique plan to address your needs.

Communication Effectiveness Audits & Measurement

Is your communication hitting the mark? We develop a comprehensive communication audit that engages your employees and provides insights into whether your organization's communication is breaking through the noise or just creating more.

Building & Executing Infrastructure

Want to connect with your employees, but don't know the most effective communication channel to use? We can partner with you to build a customized solution to get the most out of your investment. If needed we can also manage and execute it too... from building and writing presentations, intranet and social media content, video to newsletters and more.

Change Communication

The only constant in business is change. We provide strategic counsel and change communication planning that connects intellectually and emotionally with your employees in order to successfully lead the organization through the strategic evolution required to better position your company for success.

Leadership Skills Development

Having leaders that can deliver a message effectively is key to business success. We provide one-on-one and group sessions to develop this very critical skill. From understanding the role that body language plays to being able to develop and deliver an effective message, we can customize a session that best fits your needs.

Corporate Events

Holding a team meeting or kicking off the year with a conference, we can help you create and deliver a memorable message with clarity and precision. From developing the theme to building the presentations and video, we help you craft the message that will leave your audience engaged and ready to act. 

What Leaders Are Saying About Us...

"Melinda provided strategy and creative solutions that resulted in outstanding increases in awareness of the President's Choice Children's Charity. In just one year these strategies raised awareness levels by 7 per cent and generated more than 14M media impressions across Canada."

Peggy Hornell, Former Executive Director, President's Choice Children's Charity